Day Spa Fayetteville, Mihwa's Salon & Spa


Mihwa's Facials Treatments

Basic Facial                          $55

*Our basic facial cleanses, exfoliate, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Deep Cleansing Facial         $65

*Deep pore cleansing unclogged and removes dead skin cells revealing radiant skin.

Herbal Facial                        $75

*Moisturizing facial that removes impurities, smooths and brighten uncovering fresh revitalized skin.

Emzyme Therapy                 $85

*Helps remove aging dead cells, brightens dull skin, and speed up skins natural exfoliation process. For acne/ break out prone skin.

Flaxx-C Anti Aging Facial    $85

*Anti-oxidant enrich facial that helps brighten, tighten and firm your skin that restores youthful glowing skin.

Lactic Plus Peel Facial         $95 up

*Chemical peel that is gentle on your skin, it detoxify and leaves skin smoother, brighter and more hydrated.

Personalized Facial             $95 up

*Products are chosen to match skin type, facial treatment are customized to soothe the needs of your skin.

NuFace Lift Facial                $95 up

*Collagen boosting anti-aging facial helps lift, tone, and firm facial muscles reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vacu cupping facial             $120

*Anti-aging facial that helps prevent premature skin aging.

*Tone and lift facial muscles and strengthens skin.

*Stimulates and boost collagen and elasticity production