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Mihwa's Facials Treatments

Mihwas Facial Treatments are designed for your exact complexion and skin type. Our personalized facials are totally customized from start to finish. You will experience a custom blended, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, special herbal mask and, massage of the face and neck. Mihwa's facials treatment brings the skin back into pH balance. This treatment lubricates, hydrates and, locks in moisture. Our exfoliation process reduces the appearance of fine line. Deepcleansion facial unclogs pores and makes skin fresh and healthy. Mihwas's Facial Masks target specific skin conditions with intensive treatments and creates healthy and smooth skin. The Lactic Plus Peel and Enzyme Therapy Facials are tailored to your specific skin type to remove dirt, fine lines. This treatment moisturizes and brightens the skin. Treat your face to a custom Anti Aging Facial which makes your skin younger and rejuvenated. At Mihwa's as much as possible, we do our best to develop all our facial treatments with natural products. 

Basic Facial                          $45

Deep Cleansing Facial         $55

Herbal Facial                        $65

Emzyme Therapy                 $75

Vita-Mineral power facial    $75

Flaxx-C Anti Aging Facial    $75

Lactic Plus Peel Facial         $85 up

Personalized Facial             $75 up

NuFace Lift Facial                $75 up


** 2 Hours Special Herbal Facial with Hand and Feet Massage    $130